• Vijaykumar
    Vasanthan(SKG) Parent

    Hello Teachers, Support Staffs & Management,
    I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the education my son V Vasanthan class Senior KG, is receiving at our School for the last 4 years & hope it continues.
    Vasanthan has had a great success with Communication, Day today best pratices, Advicing us what to do & what is right which is appriciable.
    KUDOS & HIGH FIVES to his Teachers, Support Staffs & Management.
    I look forward that Vasanthan continuing progress. THANK YOU.
    Also, I appriciate we go a long way.
    Best Regards,
    Vijaykumar (Vasanthan).

  • Piraichudi
    Parent (Pranethaa) Grade 1

     Congrats to Formula 5 Team!!!We're very much happy about our daughter's curriculum... Cambridge syllabus met our expectations... North chennai we got a right school for our children... Definitely can see lots of difference from CBSC children to Formula 5 students....Expecting to grow more and more so that our kids will grow with the school...All the best!!!Regards 
    Piraichudi Umamaheswari

  • B.Karthikeyan & K.Aishwarya
    Parent of K.Bhavesh Dakshan (Sr.KG)

    Its really our pleasure to be a part of Formula 5 Kids College.Undoubtedly the School provides top class education for our kid along with various workshop activities under the safe environment.The way of teaching is simply awesome, full credits goes to the Teachers and Management.We are really happy that we have chosen the right school at the beginning of his career.We would always like to continue here till Higher Secondary Grade if you offered the same standards.Hope it continues, All the Best !!!

  • Karthik Ramalingam
    Parent ( Lakshay) Pre-KG

    FORMULA 5 KIDS COLLEGE, correspondent,teachers and other faculties of the institution, THANKYOU so much for the amazing and dedicated work to educate students over the past years.keep us informed also helped us a way shower to ascension for children life,to be honest your truly above and beyond .As name says FORMULA 5 teaching many formulas which helps students to compete the life race,goes without saying teaching NATIONAL ANTHEM is '' adding feather to the crown''.   

  • Suresh babu
    Father of Vetri vel - SKG

    Good coaching for children. More creative ideas improved for my son. And at lastly excellent guidance & responsibility on the student by the teacher.

  • Mr & Mrs Vijay Hanwate
    Parent (Suraj) - Grade 1

     We chose the formula 5 kids  due to its well rounded approach to education.The teachers are caring and go out of their way to make the students to their best. This is great school & staff is courteous. My son is very happy going to school. The academics & extracurricular subjects with school provides holistic developments for kids.Very personable staff who know individual children's needs so well and keep parents informed.All the staff are extremely helpful and approachable and have always been willing to discuss any concerns in a kind, caring manner. This is the most fantastic, well organised, well run and friendly school I've never come across.         Thank you for bringing out confidence in my child.  It’s lovely to see him so happy to come to school. last I would , and will tell everyone to enroll their kids at Formula 5 kids.