An enriching curriculum that enables the child to enjoy the learning process and become an independent learner forms the academic foundation. Active participation in sports, arts and cultural activities provide numerous opportunities for the children to express themselves creatively as they explore their potential.

Introduction of Happy Tots curriculum this year is a major milestone on the academic front. The distinct elements of this curriculum are

       a) Brain friendly learning

       b) Holistic development

c) Theme based units of work

d) Tangible learning outcomes

e) Well Defined Learning Goals

As a prestigious Pre - School, we endeavour to provide an environment conducive to the holistic development of the child. Our team of trained teachers ensures that a cosy home like atmosphere is created and the children are happy while working. We are mere facilitators and aim at children being inquirers and lifelong learners. We are grateful to the parents for their high level of involvement and constant support.

It is not what is poured into a student that counts, but what is planted. " Researchers say that more than 50% of a man's ability is formed before 5 years of age..."

We engage the children from all the levels from Play Group, Pre KG, Junior and Senior KG in exciting learning activities specifically designed to meet the developmental needs and help them advance to the next level.

Our Curriculum emphasizes on language and literacy, cognitive development, social, intellectual and emotional skills, physical activity and creativity.

Our core principles begin with the simple truth that each child has a unique and individual nature, worthy of respect, nurture and celebration.

The teacher student ratio at the various levels allows for the transition of students from dependence to interdependence to independence. The sequence followed goes from weakness to strength to greater strength. This order of growing independence helps the student display learning away from the guidance of the teacher, demonstrates that she/he is able to accomplish certain tasks by herself/himself and begins to control the learning process.

Described below are a range of activities that enable every child at Formula 5 to maximize learning with fun.


Children choose from a variety of different activities available in the classroom: block building, puzzles, kitchen play, transport toys, sorting objects. They initiate their own play, either alone or with other children. They learn how to work independently, take turns, share, and play cooperatively with others.


Every year, an annual concert is organized around a unique theme. Every child participates in these concerts. They are usually grand affairs with lots of music, colour and movement. These concerts are the highlight of the academic year and offer a platform for children to become comfortable with performing on stage.


There are variations in the daily routine for class field trips related to special interests, such as a colour day , Grandparents day, Shopping day to learn about the vending, purchasing and so on are celebrated to add more fun & helps the child socialize even better. On health check-up days, doctors are invited to have a interactive session with the children.

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