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Formula 5 Kids College provides holistic education. We emphasize on all round development, striking a balance between academic pursuits and personality development.
We focus on helping the child to discover the joy of learning and imbibing the value of values. We strive to bring out the best in them as they adopt a global perspective..
Eligibility for admission

The child must fulfill the
age limit specified below:


Child must have completed 2 years on 31st May
2 years


Child must have completed 2.5 years as on 31st May
2.5 years

Junior KG

Child must have completed 3. 5 years as on 31st May
3.5 years

Senior KG

Child must have completed 4.5 years as on 31st May
4.5 years

Our curriculum

An enriching curriculum that enables the child to enjoy the learning process and become an independent learner forms the academic foundation.
Active participation in sports, arts and cultural activities provide numerous opportunities for the children to express themselves creatively as they explore their potential..

Our Advisory

Our Best Popular Advisors

Dr. Sivaraman

Specialist in Siddha Medicine

Dr. Ashok Kumar

Senior Consultant Pediatrician in APOLLO Hospitals

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